AA Dental Staffing FAQ's

A. Who provides dental staffing services on a governmental facility, including military Dental Treatment Facilities (DTFs) or clinics?

In the case of a military DTF, the government may choose to have providers from the following: (1) active duty military, (2) civil service, (3) governmental contractor, or (4) independent contractor (that receives a 1099 and not a W-2 at the end of the year). For other governmental clinics, the choices will probably be different, depending on the situation or the need.

B. What is the role of a governmental contractor such as AADS?

As a governmental contractor, AADS acts as an intermediary between the government and the employee, in our case for dental staffing services.

C. I am a Dentist (or Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant or Dental Laboratory Technician). Can I work on a military DTF or clinic?

Depending on the solicitation or award, most dental professionals that are licensed in any of the 50 states and some territories qualify to work in a military DTF. Additionally, there is usually some sort of educational or experience requirement.

D. Why would I want to work on a military DTF or clinic?

What would I receive for compensation? What benefits would I receive? The compensation and benefit package depend primarily on the governmental solicitation or award. In general, all employees receive an hourly wage, Paid Time Off (PTO) or holiday pay. Certain positions receive a Health & Welfare (H&W) benefit, an allowance for a 401K or continuing education, or others.

E. Where does AADS currently have work in a military DTF or clinic?

AADS currently has work, or will have work in the following states: California, Washington, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Positions for all labor categories are not available or working in all states. Contact us for more information about your personal situation.

F. If I am or may be interested, how do I apply for a position?

Start with completing the contact form, and additional paperwork requirements for credentialing will be made known to you. It is important that throughout this process, you provide AADS with information that is both complete and timely.

G. Will I be required to sign a contractual agreement?

All employees of AADS sign a contractual agreement, based upon the governmental solicitation or award. Generally speaking, contracts are renewed on an annual basis. AAD S makes a concerted effort to be sure that you understand the agreement from the beginning, and that your needs or concerns are addressed for your and the governmental client’s satisfaction.